Go Fit Mom Back to School Wellness Guide

The start of the school year can be busy and stressful, but also a great time of year to set new intentions, start new routines, and set new health habits.
Of course with the start of school comes the spread of all kinds of germs and illnesses. We will do our best to be proactive in keeping our kids healthy.
As mothers, we are usually the leader of our households. This means we need to take good care of ourselves first so we can in turn take care of everyone else. If you are fit and healthy, you have the energy to take care of everyone else. With an organized and happy mind, you will feel ready to tackle each day and you can set the example for your family.
Healthy Children
Is your child getting enough sleep? It’s recommended for preschoolers to get 10-13 hours of sleep, elementary children to get 9-11 hours, and teens to 8-10 hours.
Establish a good bedtime routine. Electronics should be turned off an hour before bedtime and reading may be a good habit before bed, especially if it’s recommended they get 10-30 minutes of reading per night for school.
Oils for rest and sleep. Lavender is all things calming. Adding a few drops to the bedtime bath or diffusing in your child’s room during reading time is a good way to relax them. Serenity is doTERRA’s restful blend and is great dabbed or sprayed on the pillows, or applied to wrists and neck in a roller bottle before bedtime.
What is your child’s diet like? The average daily diet of a child between 2 and 18 is made up of 40% empty calories from added sugar and fats.
Breakfast. Start them right in the mornings with non-sugar, non-dyed cereals, fruit, eggs, or whole grains. Healthy fats and protein will keep their blood sugars regulated and it will give the brain the energy it needs. I cringed when I saw the choices the school cafeteria offered for breakfast. Pop tarts, sugary cereals, and packaged donuts. These are not foods that will boost your child’s brain and give them lasting energy.
School lunch ideas. I know packing lunches can be dreadful for moms. I have 3 kids who all like different things, but I’ve learned to get creative. Cafeteria lunches nationwide are getting better, but you have to really look and investigate what their eating. Lunchables are a rare treat in our house for health reasons, so what to pack?
In the back of this packet you’ll get a list of non-sandwich lunch ideas for kids!
Supplements for kids. A multi vitamin is a great idea especially when you have picky eaters. I don’t mean Flintstone’s either! Do your research and get a good quality vitamin from your health food store or a supplier. My suggestion is doTERRA’s a2z chewable vitamin.

A blend of B vitamins with a blend of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as botanical extracts, doTERRA a2z Chewable supports healthy cell development and longevity when taken daily. Also Includes a blend of bioavailable minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese.
A vitamin D supplement is also really important in the winter months when our bodies don’t get what they need from the sun. We like Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 400 IU gummies.

Probiotics can play a huge role in a child’s health. Our digestive system also contains good or healthy bacteria that can play a very important role in our digestive and immune health. In our gut, we have “good” bacteria and we have “bad” bacteria and it’s always optimal to make sure that the good outnumber the bad. When we do this, the good bacteria can help lower the number of bad bacteria and provide an environment that is conducive for not only digestive health but immune health as well. In order to promote microflora balance, many health experts recommend eating fermented foods like yogurt,
sauerkraut, and kefir but probiotic supplementation can also be very beneficial. doTERRA offers an easy to take powder form probiotic for children. https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/pb-assist-jr

Nutrition bars. Sometimes if nothing else, have nutrition bars on hand for on the go meals or snacks. Kids are busy with sports, school, and other activities and don’t always get the chance to eat a healthy meal. I prefer to give my kids a bar than a drive through meal. I prefer Clif Kids Z bar or even the adult Lara Bars or Elevation bars from Aldi.
Set the example. You are the parent. If you do not take your kids through drive throughs, they can’t eat it. If you eat healthy, they will follow. If you stock nutritious food in the house, they will eat it! Keep cut fruit and veggies on hand and offer them to your kids often.
How much exercise do you children get per day? Especially during the school year, kids can sit up to 8 hours in a day. It’s suggested kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. If you kids play sports this may be easier to accomplish, but if not, help get them active every day.
• Limit screen time to one hour per day (if not less!)
• Be active with your kids. Go for daily walks or bike rides after dinner.
• Plan family activities on the weekend to get everyone involved.
• Again, kids will follow in your footsteps. If mom and dad sit and watch TV, so will your kids!
I firmly believe all of the above effect your immune system. Getting enough rest is critical for your body to function and fight infection. Nutrition is huge, exercise and keeping the heart and lungs healthy is so important and of course supplementing what your body is low on and getting the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs are imperative to fight disease and keep the body functioning at an optimal level. Is there more you can do to boost the immune system though? Yes!
Hand washing. We all know this, but especially when kids go back to school and share everything in the classroom this is so important!! Have kids wash their hands as soon as they get home from school every day.
Changing school clothes and not wearing school shoes in house. Think about all the germs that come home on your child’s school clothes and shoes! Leave shoes at the door and change out of school clothes immediately. You do not need those germs on your home furniture and beds.
On Guard products!!!- On Guard essential oil is a game changer! On Guard is doTERRA’s preventative essential oil blend. It is a blend of cinnamon, clove, wild orange peel, rosemary, and eucalyptus. On Guard can be used several ways to have an effect on the immune system. It can be diffused (airborne- inhaled and therefore getting into the bloodstream), taken internally (in either beadlet form or a drop in water), or applied topically to skin (absorbed into the body).
• Immunity Blend – 10ml roller bottle of 20 drops On Guard & 20 drops Lemon essential oil topped with carrier oil. This blend can be applied daily to the bottoms of the feet before putting socks on or before bed to support a child’s immune system and protect against seasonal and environmental threats.
• Diffuse 4-8 drops in diffuser in the classroom, at home on kitchen island, or in your child’s bedroom at night. *This blend runs in my diffuser 24/7 during flu season!
• Take beadlets- On Guard beadlets are tiny drops of on guard in a little soft gel the size of a bb.
The uses for On Guard products are endless!

Healthy Moms
Routine- Most mothers are looking forward to getting back to a routine. We like to feel like our days are organized and we know what to expect. What kind of routine do you have for exercise, nutrition, and sleep? Is there a routine?
Exercise- schedule it! This should be a scheduled meeting with yourself. Just like you would schedule any other meeting, schedule your workout. You will not find the time if you just “try to fit it in”. Time is the biggest excuse I get from women. (YES, I said excuse!!) If you want it, you will find a way. Find a class you love, hire a personal trainer, or join an accountability group (Go Fit Mom 60 Day Challenge) to help get yourself in a routine of working out. You will feel so much better about yourself once you have established this in your life!
Daily nutrition- You have to make a plan for eating! Plan out weekly meals, grocery shop, and have what you need on hand. The Go Fit Mom challenge encourages “clean” eating. This means that nothing is packaged or processed. Eat fresh and whole foods and eliminate the added sugars, fats, artificial ingredients in most packaged foods. There is not one diet that works for all and I actually HATE diets! You need to find a nutrition plan that works for your life. Drastic diets will only last a short time. Mom’s also cannot run on empty. You need to fuel your body properly if you are going to take care of your family. If you don’t eat, guess what, you won’t lose either. If your goal is weight loss, you need to consume calories to
keep you metabolism running! Decide what you will eat for breakfast each day and lunch for the week ahead of time. Take the guess work out and you can’t fail! If you need ideas for clean eating, email me or join our next challenge. gofitmomstl@gmail.com
Sleep- You again cannot run on empty. You need rest to repair the body, keep your immune system strong, and be the best mom you can be. Lack of sleep can result in so many issues and again if you’re looking to lose weight, this again can hold you back. Plan a bed time for yourself and stick with it. Diffuse lavender or serenity in your room to help you wind down or apply some to your wrists, neck, and pillows as you read or watch the news.
Water- It’s vital for so many things. Energy, weight loss, detoxing the body. We need it!! Aim to drink half your body weight in water per day. Find a water bottle that you know the measurement of and know how many per day you need to drink. My best trick is to drink 20 oz of water first thing in the morning! Bonus if you add 2 drops lemon essential oil or fresh sqeezed lemon. Eliminate caloric drinks and diet sodas from your life! Yes, artificial sweeteners will mess with you! Just say no!
Organization system- Your mind and your days will run so much smoother if you are organized. I know, easier said than done! I’m a huge fan of planners. Yes, the old fashioned kind. If you prefer your phone, whatever works for you. Organize kids schedules, meals, groceries, workouts, etc.
Immune system- almost everything I said for kids also applies to adults. All of the above will affect your immunity.
doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality Pack is formulated to provide nutritional support for healthy immune function. * Alpha CRS+ provides powerful antioxidant and immune support through a potent blend of polyphenols and the carotenoids lutein and lycopene. xEO Mega and vEO Mega are formulated with immune supporting essential fatty acids, astaxanthin, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Clove Bud,
Frankincense, and Thyme. * Microplex VMz is a balanced formula of essential vitamins and chelated minerals that include immune-supporting nutrients; vitamins A, C, E, and B6; and the mineral Zinc. Read and learn
more about the complete Life Long Vitality Program here: https://media.doterra.com/us/en/brochures/lifelong-vitality.pdf

• Probiotics. Your gastrointestinal (GI) tract is approximately 25 feet long and is responsible for digesting and absorbing the nutrients in the foods you eat, while also helping eliminate waste products from your body. Beyond these important functions, your GI tract, particularly the intestines, also performs very important immune functions in the body. A healthy intestinal tract is critical for optimal digestive function and immune system support. • doTERRA’s PB Assist+ is a proprietary formula of pre-biotic fiber and six strains of probiotic microorganisms in a unique double layer vegetable capsule. It delivers 6 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures and soluble pre-biotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides) that encourage friendly bacterial growth.

Essential Oils
Top 10 For Back to School
Lemon- keep it clean and fresh
Lavender- calm the class, restful sleep
PeppermintPeppermint PeppermintPeppermint – Energize, homework helper
On Guard- Immunity- bottoms of feet, diffuse in classroom and home after school
Oregano – kill the back to school viruses
Deep BlueDeep Blue Deep Blue- soothe sports aches, growing pains
DigestzenDigestzen Digestzen Digestzen – tummy bugs, upset stomach
Breathe- open the airways, cough and sniffles
Melaleuca- keep lice away, skin issues
FrankincenseFrankincense Frankincense – keep calm, support immune system
These ten come in two of our most popular starter kits. Message me to get started with a kit. Extra incentives in August!
Diffuser Blends

Non-Sandwich School lunch ideas
Turkey, cheese and hummus pinwheels
Spead hummus on tortilla, lay out turkey and cheese and roll. Cut into 1 inch pieces
What to put with it: apples and popcorn
Mini Bagel Pizzas (homemade)
Either give the child the ingredients in their lunch to make on their own, or assemble at home. A little sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni.
What to put with it: Strawberries and yogurt
Homemade Lunchables
Cut up ham or turkey, cheese and add triscuits.
What to put with it: carrots and dip, granola bar
Pasta Salad
Make a veggie and bowtie pasta at the beginning of the week with whatever ingredients your child likes…broccoli, black olives, tomatoes, etc.
What to put with it: apples and peanut butter
Hard boiled eggs
Boil a dozen hard boiled eggs on Sunday. My kids happen to love them and they are good for snacks for mom too!! A great way to get added protein.
What to put with it: grapes, wheat thins, yogurt
Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese
Use mini bagels and use different flavors of cream cheese. My kids love pumpkin in the fall!
What to put with it: banana, chips or fruit salad
Yes, cereal is a good option, especially if your child gets milk at lunch! What could be easier?
What to put with it: strawberries and yogurt tube.
Cheese Quesadilla
Choose spinach, tomato, or flour tortilla and melt cheese and cut into triangles
What to put with it: applesauce and chex mix
Bento Box
Sausage sticks or salami bites, string cheese, raisins, crackers, fruit. Mix anything! All small finger foods.
What to put with it: a sweet treat!
Lunch Kabobs
Use a skewer (cut in half) or toothpicks to make mini kabobs using whatever your child likes…salami, grape tomatoes, cheese (or cut string cheese), turkey, cucumber, even grapes or other fruits.
What to put with it: Trail mix and clementine

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