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Mother. Wellness Coach.
I have always loved teaching and loved children and having my own was something I couldn’t wait for. As for career, I loved moving, I loved being creative, I loved working with people, I loved having fun. Working in an all female gym through college opened my eyes to my passion for fitness, specifically training women and mothers. I loved helping them reach their goals and seeing them successful and happy. I wasn’t always fit either! I could eat and drink anyone under the table while still getting up to run 16 miles the next day, and I thought it was okay because I was still exercising or training. It’s really taken a lot of soul searching and practice to find the real, happy me. My kids, my family and the women I surround myself with have given me the inspiration and set my priorities straight. I am possibly in the best shape of my life…or maybe that’s still to come;) Throughout my career I’ve done many things. I’ve owned a mom & baby fitness franchise, I’ve been a fitness director for a state of the art fitness facility, I’ve taught PE to preschool and elementary children, I’ve instructed marathon training, I’ve managed children’s programs, but here I am living my purpose #1 as a mom and #2 teaching and coaching moms.

Go Fit Mom is born

Join my tribe!
There is the science of fitness and nutrition that comes with being a personal trainer, but there is so much more complexity to it when it comes to working with moms. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but without the strategies and motivation to start and to keep going, most women end up doing nothing or get overwhelmed and quit. We have such complex lives. We manage the family, we work, we taxi, we coach, we teach, we cook, we clean, we ARE BUSY!!! We often put everyone else’s lives ahead of ours and we make ourselves last priority. You can’t pour from an empty cup mom! If you truly love your children, take care of their mother!
How much happier would you be with your life if you felt great all the time and you were happy with how you looked? What if you had the energy to do everything and then some? I started 60 day challenges with other mom friends just for our own benefit. For a fun challenge, to inspire and hold each other accountable and guess what? The changes were astonishing. The commitment was tough but, it was addicting, empowering, fun. We didn’t even all know each other, but we found our tribe! I gave them what they needed to be successful and step beyond their current boundaries and limitations and become the fit mom they wanted to be, in turn creating healthy families and happy lives. This is what I want for you too! I can’t wait to work with you… Fit Mom!

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